Fast, sustainable,and equitable grocery delivery system.

Every time you shop for groceries you have the power to fight food waste and climate change.

815 million people can feed themselves from the annual food waste.

Do you know 1.3 trillion kg of global food is wasted every year?

8% percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions are from food waste.

The online grocery system is broken!

At EroeGo we create a global community of informed and conscious buyers that acknowledge the impact of their purchases and choose to make a difference with every shopping bag.

The lack of basic nutritional education and fresh food accessibility impacts our conscious food decisions.
The grocery shopping cycle is inefficient leading to waste management challenges and environmental impact.
Delivery drivers are
underpaid and often

You can make a difference!

Buy consciously. Support healthy eating. End food waste. Protect the environment.

JOIN EroeGo the online grocery platform for conscious consumers! Choose to:

Have access to fresh and healthy food.
Guarantee a fair and living wage to the delivery drivers.
Optimize the purchasing cycle and stop wasteful practices.
Contribute to a better relationship between merchants and delivery drivers.
Support the environment!

How does
EroeGo work?

Download the conscious buyers app
We help you find priority products and purchase “best before date” items at a discounted price
Get delivery. We provide a seamless and guaranteed scheduled delivery